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it is just a road that you can build shops that are useless.What is its purpose in the game excacly ?


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  1. The shops are not pointless. You can have shops that increase the Happiness of your Pokemon which is usefull when we all find a Riolu in Flocessy Ranch. You can level you Pokemon up and get your Pokemon EV trained.

  2. It is to keep the game fresh. If there was no Join Avenue then the game would be almost identical around Castelia / Nimbassa city.

  3. It encourages the people who play Pokemon to use there Wi-Fi connection along with the wireless connection.

As you can see Join Avenue is not pointless and has many Advantages of its presence.

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yes, but why in my join avenue all the shops have no merchendise ?The shops are all freshed out.
so my game is glitched
no. your DS is. you time thingy is broke... the stores should re stalk every day but if your time thing is broke that wont work.
I have had this happen sometimes. Turn your nintendo all the way off and leave it alone for a couple days. Do not save your game inside Join Avenue. If they still don't have anything then the time thing on your nintendo is whacked.