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Not counting hidden grottos.If you can what are the chances of finding one?


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Black 2 Exclusives:

  • Mandibuzz: Route 4, only one on Thursdays.
  • Jellicent (Male): Undella Bay, only one on Mondays.

White 2 Exclusives:

  • Braviary: Route 4, only one on Mondays.
  • Jellicent (Female): Undella Bay, only one on Thursdays.


  • Damranitan-Z: Desert Resort, 1 only. (N's Pokemon, chances are unkown at the moment.)
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-You can also find darmanitan as N's Pokemon in desert resort.
-You can get a jellicent in B2 on monday and thursday in W2
-Braviary in route 4 in W2 on monday
-Mandibuzz in route 4 in B2 on thursday
There are many other ways but these are the only wild ones.
-other in game ways are yancy/curtis trades, weather institute deerling but these are not technically wild
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_Pokémon_with_released_Hidden_Abilities

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No, you cannot. That's why they're Hidden Abilities.
Sources are experience and Game Guide.