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Usually by 6 strength for me, but I'm not sure. I'll test it later.
What do you mean by that? if i am correct (which i highly think i am incorrect) it will mean that you train your pokemon there or is this relating to something else?
(EDIT) maybe pokemon conquest?
Well, trachy, I think I found something that answers your question, but I can't be sure because I don't play Pokemon Conquest. If you can tell me what "link" is in your question, I might be able to help.
I dont think this question is answerable...
It is....Poke/ Link is how well connected pokemon and the warriors have together. The stronger the link the stronger the pokemon.
its been over a week i highly doubt anyones going to answer
I answered but I hid it because its so boss.

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Okay after testing this with many of my castles I have came to a conclusion. The link they grow VARIES on many factors that take place when they train. These factors are:

  • If the Pokemon survived in the simulation.(NOTE: This is mainly a speculation as I cant see if they actually live through the battle without fainting, but I noticed that sometimes they would gain more from the same kind of battles then other times so I just assumed that sometimes they fainted other times they didnt.)
  • What kind of Pokemon they will be fighting. For example you would get more from a battle with more powerful Pokemon like Aggron, then from say a Aron.
  • If they are fighting Pokemon that are in the wild or if they are fighting a Pokemon that belongs to a warrior. As you may know you gain way more Link from battles with castles than when grinding inside a castle, its because you are fighting against other warriors instead of the normal wild ones.
  • If the partner the warrior is fighting with has a better link capacity they tend to gain link faster with said Pokemon than with another

If I find more factors I will be sure to let you in on the secret.

Source-Series of multiple castles test on my own game.

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