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like I dont get it are they dark type because they are evil or the color of their skin or their powers or what? I know houndoom is not because I saw the episode on him where he saves togepi and protects her. I also know absol is not despite people fearing him of disasters but I remember the episode where he actually was trying to help out the people in the town warning of a huge flood coming

So what exactly does the "dark" type supposed to mean for them?


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Well, not all dark types represent "true" evil.

It could be their nature, being sinister or menaces.


Take a look here.

  • Bite / Crunch: Both of these actions in the real world can be considered mean or cruel.

  • Foul Play: Foul, as in deceptive, or cheating.

  • Nasty Plot: Plotting something evil.

  • Payback: "Revenge" is wrong and sinister.

  • Snatch / Switcheroo / Thief / Fling / Knock Off: Stealing and / or throwing is rude in most culture.

  • Taunt / Memento / Snarl: Rude actions.

  • Embargo / Sucker Punch / Fake Tears / Pursuit: These are cheap actions and deceptive.

  • Night Daze / Night Slash: Being swift, scary, and ominous.

Not going to cover them all ^


  • Deino / Zweilous / Hydreigon: Mean and cruel dragons.

  • Umbreon / Absol / Pawniard / Bisharp: Mysterious and tricky actions. Some may call them heroes. If batman was a Pokemon, he would be a dark type. They re like vigilantes.

  • Murkrow / Honchkrow Poochyena / Mightyena / Sneasel / Weavile / Purrloin / Liepard / Sableye: Pranksters. Sinister.

  • Houndour / Nuzleaf / Shiftry / Houndoom / Cacnea / Cacturne / Carvanha / Sandile / Krokorok / Krookodile / Sharpedo: Menaces. Jerks. Bullies. All in their own way, cities / oceans / forests / deserts / plains.

  • Tyranitar: See Pokemon 4Ever. Bully.

  • Stunky / Skunktank / Drapion: Foul jerks.

  • Scraggy / Scrafty: Arrgoant showoffs.

  • Vullaby / Mandibuzz: Not sure.

  • Darkrai: True evil.

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darkri isn't evil.when it does something bad it is to protect itself.See pokemon movie, The Rise of Darkri.
That is the Anime, the Anime is for children. Of course that would happen. Realistically, it would send countless people into endless nightmares.
Mandibuzz is a scavenger, a filthy demonic creature that feeds upon the dead. It sports this proudly, wearing its meals bones as jewelry.
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Honestly, I never thought Dark represented evil. They kinda repeatedly mention that Pokemon aren't inherently good or evil, it's their trainers that make those moral choices. In my opinion, Dark just represents trickery, deceit, and "dirty" tricks. Take a look at the Dark type attacks; Faint Attack is a deceptive attack, Biting is considered a dirty way to fight, Thief steals items, etc.

The reason Fighting is super effective against Dark is because Fighting type represents more "honorable" fighting, like the martial arts. The idea is that dirty tricks and deceit are no match for disciplined combat.

Dark is super effective and immune to Psychic because their deceptive nature prevents Psychics from reading them correctly.

What I don't quite understand is Dark's weakness to Bug and effectiveness against Ghost. shrugs No theory is perfect I guess. :)