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Does it make sense at all?

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Since a rock wont bite and crunch you, and we all know there are only two types, rock and dark.
Apparently some people think biting is evil. Also Game Freak logic
Biteing isn't allowed in wrestling, so it's considered to not be fair play, so its mean. So its dark.

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I can think of several factors that influenced Game Freak's decision to make Bite and Crunch dark type moves.

  • Biting is widely considered to be an unfair tactic in fighting and is often considered mean, both of which could be considered dark in nature.
  • Of the eighteen types in existence (fire, water, grass, electric, ground, ice, rock, steel, dark, psychic, ghost, poison, fairy, fighting, flying, normal, bug, and dragon), biting is best represented by the dark type, as evidenced in my first bullet point.
  • Game Freak logic (the term we use for vaguely logical, if at all, decisions made by Game Freak in regards to specific aspects of Pokémon games)

It's important to note Game Freak's questionable decision making for certain parts of the Pokémon games. They don't always make things accurate, such as Cincinno having higher base attack than Hawlucha, who is described by the Pokedex as the wrestling Pokémon.

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