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If you haven't noticed I am doing a copycat+prankster+roar combo with my newly found Riolu .3.

If stealth rock is TM in BW2 tell me where to get it that would also help ;_;

SR shouldn't be used in-game.
I am using it for wifi battles which are technically competetive battling

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Best Pokemon that would fit here would be Gigalith or Crustle, as they both have Sturdy, and learn Stealth Rock at level 36 (for Gigalith) and level 24 (for Crustle).

Also, you can go to to Nacrene City and have a Pokemon learn it via Tutor move for just 10 Green Shards.

Now, go look up which Pokemons can learn Stealth Rock, and don't be lazy. c:

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Could have listed the location, but I already have a crustle :T
Y u so lazy? look it up brah c: