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I'll give you 5 Pokemon that can use Stealth Rock in they're lead moveset, 3 in OU, and 2 in UU.


Skarmory - Obvious, yet effective. Skarmory has outstanding Defense, which makes it a great counter lead for other Physical Pokemon, and enough Sp Defense to stay in for atleast 1 turn, in order to set the Stealth Rocks up. Furthermore, Skarmory has good Phazing ability, having both roar and Whirlwind.

Ferrothorn - One of the most used Pokemon this generation. and for good reasons. Ferrothorn packs amazing Defense, both Physical and Special, and thus can survive various hits from different pokemon.
Aside from good defenses, Ferothorn has a decent Attack, and some good STAB moves such as Power Whip and Gyro Ball, and, of course, Stealth Rocks plus the useful Leech Seed.

Forretress - Another physically defensive Pokemon, basically a more Physical defensive pokemon than Ferrothorn (although not by that much). He carries a very similar movepool to Ferrothorn,yet he does have better entry hazards, such as Toxic Spikes and Spikes, although not packing Leech Seed as Ferrothorn.


Donphan - A useful Pokemon that just gets overpowered by other ground leads, such as Hippowdon, Donphan is amazingly powerful both offensively and defensively. Sturdy keeps him alive for atleast 1 turn, enough to set rocks up, and it can be very useful as a revenge killer with Ice Shard.

Deoxys-D - Deoxys Defense is fairly and simply awesome. Amazing defenses, great speed, decent special attack to run Ice Beam, and Stealth Rocks, of course. My favorite strategy with Deoxys D is Eject Button+ Recycle, that allowes you to set up Stealth Rocks, and get the foe's counters to get away.

Basically, These are the most useful Stealth Rocks lead in my opinion, so that's it.

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Forestress is a major OU stealth rock layer.

Some lesser used ones include Evolite Onix, Cradily, gigalith, and crustle.
Deoxys D-form is now UU?! What the heck?!
Thanks DT, I'll enter Forretress
Swampert can work as a SR lead too.
As I said before, PB, I listed the pokemon you'll normally see using Stealth Rocks,and there are many more.