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Which ability should I catch stunfisk with?

Limber or Static?

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Stunfisk is already immune (mostly*) to Paralysis with Ground-typing, so Limber is a no-no. Static is better because it's good on the Physically Defensive set.

* As noted in comments, there are a few exceptions.

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Not immune to paralysis. Body Slam. Plus type change from Soak and such. Delcatty.
Ok thanks, pokewatt hid this but I am not sure why. It didn't seem to me that it was a question that shouldn't be asked. Unfortunately someone gave me a downvote first.
It's still a stupid question, kind of. Even with the factors Trachy mentioned, go with Static.
Ok thanks guys and some questions are not stupid to the questioner, although I had totally forgotten ground resists the paralysis mostly.