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I really want to know, BTW this is Black and White 2.

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Serious Hacking is very difficult. Entering coding is no easy feat.

Anyways, if you need to, serious equipment can be found in certain locations. (50-1200 bucks.)

If you want safe Pokemon, use PokeGen. AR will break the game.

Aaaaaand, you need to be taught. Another 100 dollars.

People typically hack for knowledge, you can check of a couple of my threads to see my posts.

It can break your cartridge. But I have no knowledge of it breaking a DS alone.

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you can pay some people to hack for you, and trade the hacked pokemon to you. there's a whole gaming hackers club that works together at most colleges, and several of the members hack the system for a pretty penny. i thought about getting a hacked Mew with the wonder skin ability, but i didnt have the $5 at the time..... you dont crash your game if you get a hacked generic pokemon, like an ordinary Mew with an ordinary ability, because the games seem to protect player who get them in trade. the code makes certain allowances for the normal pokemon, i think because it doesnt carry the full hacked data, it becomes a normal traded pokemon.
That was blatantly stupid. You don't hack for Pokemon themselves, that is what Pokegen is for...
...No hacking for mwa....
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You have to use an Action Replay(AR) and yes it can mess up your game pretty bad

How bad?
and how do you even get an action replay?
by shops that sell electronics.I had one, but when I used it for the 3rd time It stopped working.
you know what forget it
lol! if it can screw up your DS forget it.