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Wondering what happens.

I have a friend with an action replay and nothing happend altough he does replay his games when he gets done
There is so much that could that i don't even believe this is answerable.
Let's give him five stages.
Stage 1 - Your game continues as it normally would
Stage 2 - Your game is normal 90% of the time but a couple strange things occur once in a while
Stage 3 - Your game experiences a few glitches every other day
Stage 4 - Your game experiences multiple glitches and freezes every time it is played.
Stage 5 - S.O.L Brah
What kind of werd things?
Glitches, freezes, crashes, the list goes on.
Pretty much anything can happen when you hack; change one thing the wrong way and your game could be unplayable.

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Different things can happen. Nothing can happen to your game. Or your game will glitch and freeze every time your game is turned on. It can range from small problems to a point where your game is unplayable. I would HIGHLY recommend just playing the game the right way, without Action Replay or cheats.

Source:A very bad experience

Hope I helped.

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