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Stat raising/reducing moves are confusing me, so if someone could give me an answer to this example, just to simplify things- earthquake- base power 100. whats base power after a one-stage increase in attack, and so on 2,3..to 6(max) and same thing for getting your attack lowered.


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There is a lot more to it. Damage is calculated with one large formula:

Damage = ((((2 Level / 5 + 2) AttackStat AttackPower / DefenseStat) / 50) + 2) STAB Weakness/Resistance RandomNumber / 100

To take into account you multiply your pokemon's offensive or defensive stat by the percentage based on this chart.

-6 levels: 25%
-5 levels: 29%
-4 levels: 33%
-3 levels: 40%
-2 levels: 50%
-1 level: 66%
0 levels: 100%
1 level: 150%
2 levels: 200%
3 levels: 250%
4 levels: 300%
5 levels: 350%
6 levels: 400%

The power depends on the power of the pokemon using it. Swords dance and stat boosters affect the pokemon's stats, not the base power of the moves they use.


Thats great, but I don't understand it
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Since you don't understand it I will make it easier.

Say you use curse. And your attack power is 150. It will become 225. If you use it again it will become 300.

Say you have an attack power of 100, and your attack power goes down 1 level. It will become an attack power of 66.

It is not earthquakes attack power that changes. It's your pokemons attack power.