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So I'm breeding two milotics that I got through wonder trade in hopes to get a perfect feebas. The female has marvel scale and knows splash, water sport and disarming voice. The male has marvel scale and knows recover, ice beam, toxic and scald. From my understanding of breeding the female passes in the ability and the male passes on the moves to the offspring. I've hatched 3 feebases so far and all of them have swift swim and only know splash. I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

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There is nothing wrong with the Ability.  Marvel Scale is NOT Milotic's HA.  It correlates to Swift Swim on Feebas, meaning that were any of those 3 Feebas to evolve, they would be Milotics with Marvel Scale.

As for the moves...  TM moves have always been odd to me.  In my own experience, sometimes they pass down and sometimes they do not.  I haven't found the pattern myself, and my go-to info site, Serebii, doesn't go into specifics on their breeding page with respect to TMs.  I've tried looking on Bulbapedia, but I always get lost trying to find *anything* there.

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You haven't done anything wrong. The male will only pass down egg moves not all if its moves. The ability the female Feebas has is a hidden ability which means it only has a chance to pass down. (Females have a higher chance of passing HAs down).

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Marvel Scale is NOT Milotic's HA.