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Need help in breeding?

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I'm making a team for the ranking battle spot and need help in breeding Ferroseed with stealth rock and leech seed

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Ferrothorn is in the Grass and Mineral egg groups. Breed a female Ferroseed/thorn with a male Onix knowing Stealth Rock (in the Mineral egg group) until you get a female Stealth Rock Ferroseed. Breed said female Stealth Rock Ferroseed with a male Leech Seed Bulbasaur and you'll get Leech Seed Stealth Rock Ferroseed.

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If you dont know how to get a ferroseed with stealth rock and leech seed, you breed it with a specific Pokemon that knows those moves. If you are asking for someone to breed one for you, I think your suppose to do that in the chat room or in a Pokemon trading website

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