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So I signed up for Pokemon Trainer Club yesterday, and I'm not getting a code! I pressed receive advertisements and all that stuff on the sign up part, but I haven't gotten the email! Does it come really late or something? Please help I'm very confused.

Check spam
It wasn't in there
I even made sure I activated my account for real and I did.
Got mine at 7:01 AM, but for some reason, didn't receive it until 4:00 PM.  Maybe delay on their servers, due to a large amount of people.  Have to wait and see...
I think(not sure) that you  needed to register before 20th since you register yesterday I dont think you can get one sorry:/

Edit:guessing and i was right....
Edited comment due to unsourced info and basically just guessing.
can you get it after 20th?

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"to receive marketing email messages by October 20" so you missed it but I think you can buy demo I aint sure. Also they dont send it at a dirct time they send it randomly.

Source: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/head-to-hoenn-early-with-the-pokemon-trainer-club/

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My english isnt too good so i dunno if"by october20" they meant before or after the 20 :I