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ex. Statistics for the two abilities?

Half the time I predict the wrong ability -.-


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| Bronzong |
| Abilities |
| Levitate 84.815% |
| Heatproof 14.367% |
| Other 0.818%

According to Smogon's December 2012 statistics (the latest). As you can see, Levitate is by far more used, but Heatproof has it's uses (Nobody will use Earthquake on Bronz). To determine which one it is, use a Fire-type move and see if it does the normal damage. If so, he has Levitate. If not, he's Heatproof, so you can freely use Earthquake / Earth Power / Mud-Slap.

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Who uses the DW ability for Bronzong... -.-
Ahhhh. So it's almost certainly a THKO if it's Heatproof. Thanks JCM!
Lmao, Mew. And yes, GL. No problem.
It's Heavy Metal, Mew. nobody uses it unless it's a tank Bronz.
And that's pretty rare.
How would Heavy Metal help Bronzong in any way?
Heavy Slam? Ha, like Bronzing would take any damage. Heat Crash? Who uses that nowadays? Grass Knot? Pathetic. Low Kick? More damage.
Heavy Slam....sucks.
It really does.
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Levitate is by far more common, so first use a Fire move on enemy Bronzong. If it doesn't do the expected amount of damage, try Ground moves. Your opponent may be using the rare but efficient Heatproof Bronzong.

Levitate is used nearly all the time. I have only ever encountered one Heatproof Bronzong.
Can I get statistics for it though?
I encountered three out of eight -.-
There is not really any way to find the average short of asking all Bronzong users on Showdown which they use more. Most will agree, though, that Levitate is much more common.
Yes there is, but ok...