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Mine has the ability Levitate and has very low Speed, especially since it holds the Macho Brace. It knows:

Earthquake: High power, high accuracy, double damage against Pokemon using Dig, used to deal with Fire types. Also deals with Steel, Electric, and Rock types.

Gyro Ball: High power with Bronzong's low speed. STAB.

Charge Beam: Does damage while raising Sp. Attack most of the time, which makes Charge Beam more powerful. Deals with Flying and Water types.

Hypnosis: Puts the foe to Sleep.

Bronzong learnset

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Bronzong @ Leftovers

Role: Rain Tank

Trait: Levitate

EVs: 128 HP / 252 Def / 128 SDef

Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

  • Swagger
  • Psych Up
  • Zen Headbutt
  • Iron Head

Those of you who have fought this, would agree, its quite a pain in the rain ( What a pun )

Swagger up your opponent, ( Best on Special Sweepers ) And even use it twice for the extra boost if you wanna, Psych it up, and Tank around using Zen Headbutt and Iron Head.

It also works great agaisn't anything that's already boosting one of it's defenses to quickly copy the boost, while also screwing over baton passing teams, and the rain gives it no weaknesses.

Go Zong!

I'd personally replace zen headbutt with rain dance, as well as replace iron head with gyro ball
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Earthquake-covers fire, if he has the ability levitate, this is his only weakness. (personally, I think levitate is better than heat proof)

toxic-stallers best friend

block-no escape from death

rest/protect-either free turns or recovery.

you've seen one stall, you've seen them all.

(also gyro ball can go well with his decent attack and low speed, but I think the stalling moves are more important

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Bronzong @ Choice Band
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature
- Earthquake
- Zen Headbutt
- Trick
- Stealth Rock/Hypnosis/Trick Room/Rain Dance/Sunny Day/ Gyro Ball
This set is designed to cripple and destroy Bronzongs biggest threats in the UU tier. The Choice Band allows it to OHKO every Fire type in UU bar Rotom-H and Intimidate Arcenine. Zen Headbutt is there to deal big damage on Nidoking and Taunting Crobats. Trick screws over the rest of the tier. Very few common defensive/tank switch-ins enjoy getting a Choice Band, and some notable Pokemon threatened by this is:
Gligar, Porygon2, Suicune, Blastoise, Milotic, Chandelure, other Bronzongs, Empoleon, Confagrigus, Dusclops, Slowbro, Xatu.
The last slot is really dependant on what you need. With Bronzongs vast movepool it can fullfill many roles.

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E-quake(covers fire)


Payback(Works well with low speed)


Calm mind(Boosts special attack and special defense)


Flash cannon(STAB)

HP(water)(covers fire types)


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Five moves for a special Bronzong? Must be smarter than alakazam...
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Gen V

Bronzong @ Light Clay

Trait: Levitate

EVs: 4 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SDef

Careful Nature (+SDef, -SAtk)

  • Stealth Rock
  • Reflect
  • Light Screen
  • Explosion
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Bronzong @ Iron Ball

Trait: Heavy Metal

EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef

Adamant Nature (+Atk, -SAtk)

  • Heavy Slam
  • Earthquake
  • Explosion
  • Payback

STAB Heavy Slam combined with Heavy Metal and Iron Ball is nice, makes nice base power.
Earthquake is super effective on everything recisting steel type moves exept water wich it hits neutral on.
Payback also makes use of iron ball.
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BOOM is a last resort.

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This, but I would have a psychic type move over explosion as the opponent wau not try to take you out. A suggestion, switching heavy slam for gyro ball, giving levitate over heavy metal, brave over adamant and macho brace over iron ball is a good set also.
GREAT ONE! but i would go with it so:
same items and ability, nature too
heavy slam
gyro ball
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Bronzong @ Leftovers
Trait: Heatproof
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef or EVs: 252 HP / 216 Atk / 40 Def
Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd) or Brave Nature (+Atk, -Spd)
- Gyro Ball
- Substitute/Stealth Rock
- Earthquake
- Toxic

A Bronzong able to survive a Flare Blitz by Darmanitan and then KO with Earthquake. Heatproof is actually a solid ability. As long as the foe doesn't have a Spikes up or you manage to switch in on an Earthquake, most foes will be unable to tell that you have Heatproof and not Levitate, even if they go at you with a Fire type attack. And since they usually figure you have Levitate and don't want to waste a turn testing if you do, you'll usually go through the game not getting a Ground type move directed at you. The EVs allow it to survive a Flare Blitz even after having put a Sub up. This means you get to KO the Darmanitan and not the other way around. I like using a Sub on the first turn to see if a foe is going to switch in with a Fire type (mainly Darmanitan). Of course, that is just me. If you aren't battling by my standard "No Stealth Rock" rules, then you'll probably be best off using the second set of Evs, Nature, and Stealth Rock over Substitute. That way you can get your rocks up. The first EV/Nature set is for use with Substitute. Second is for use with Stealth Rock. The Substitute set gives you a 2HKO vs. Darmanitan, and thanks to Sub being up, you are guaranteed to be the winner of that fight. With the second set, this is guaranteed to OHKO Darmanitan with Stealth Rocks up.

For both sets, sure you pretty much sacrificed Bronzong, but you took down a dangerous foe in doing so. The rest of the moveset is for if you don't run up against a Physical Fire type, but in my experience, I'll be facing a Darmanitan most matches.

Thanks to PB for running off the much needed damage calculations.

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Good Detail
not bad in gen 6 i think i have a japanese or korean bronzong with modest nature and heatproof ability ;D.
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Bronzong(Lagging Tail)

Role: Physical Tank

EVs: 252 Hp/252 Def/4 Atk

Ability: Levitate

Nature: Relaxed (+Def -Spe)

  • Payback

  • Gyro Ball

  • Hypnosis

  • Iron Defense

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Give it 252 Def, 252 HP, 4 Atk.
Nice set overall though!
I'll do that now!
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Guys, Bronzong is mostly used as a Lead:

Stealth Rock
Reflect/Light Screen
Psychic/Flash Cannon

Evs:252 HP, 128 SP DEF 128 DEF

Nothing wrong with this set of OVER A YEAR AGO, so there is no need to vote down.
Not the best of sets, but again OVER A YEAR AGO and nothing wrong so no need to vote down.
doesn't mean you have to make it a lead :P
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Here's my Modest Bronzong:

Modest Nature

Ability: Levitate

-Psychic-STAB and chance to lower Sp. Def. 10 % of the time
-Flash Cannon-STAB and chance to lower Sp. Def. 10 % of the time
-Charge Beam-Chance to raise Sp. Atk 70% of the time
-AncientPower-Covers Fire Weakness and raises all stats (excluding accuracy and evasion) 10% of the time

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Trick Room Lead.

Brave Nature
Ev trained in Attack and both Defences
Levitate Ability
Occa berry held item

Trick Room: Makes it attack first in most cases.
Explosion: Good way to get your other Pokemon into battle.
Gyro Ball: STAB, high power due to its slow speed but hits first.
Rock Slide: Coverage and a chance to flinch, seeing that it goes first.

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I like Bronzong. It's a pretty diverse Pokemon. I went with a flinching strategy on mine.

Let's face it, Heatproof kinda sucks. With Levitate, you have only one weakness. With Heatproof, you still have two. One's weakened, yes, but it's still there.

Item:King's Rock
Increases the chance of flinching, which is vital to this guy's strategy

Iron Head + Zen Headbutt:Both strong, Physical, STAB moves that cause flinching. Not much else to say.

Rock Slide:Strong against Fire-types, your only weakness, accurate, hits multiple targets, causes flinching.

Trick Room:The only way this strategy works is if Bronzong moves first. Given how slow he is related to other 'Mons, this shouldn't be a problem.

I'd recommend starting with an actual attack, just to gauge your opponent's speed. If you're slower, use Trick Room. If you're faster, then just keep attacking. Bronzong's defenses should allow it to take a hit or two.

bump you do only have one weakness with heatproof, fire type moves go to 1x damage, the thing here is that levitate changes your weakness to 0x
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I kinda run mine with a different set up...

Bronzong: Nature: Impish (Evs in Defense and Attack)
Trait: Levitate
hold item: Zoom lens
Hypnosis (accuracy is 80% now)
Rockslide (handles fire weakness, accuracy boosted)
Zen Headbutt (STAB, accuracy boosted)
Gyro Ball (STAB, REALLY low speed)

I dont really expect this to be THE BEST moveset, but its nice to have type coverage and some decent STAB moves, and to combo them with a move that has a decent chance of putting your opponent to sleep, you've got a decent Bronzong.
One of the main contributers to this set is his Defense and Sp. Def, so if you're gonna run him with this set up, be sure to focus on that, and maybe throw some boosts and a sub onto him with a B-Passer

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I'm noticing that there's not many answers for Gen VI (Sooo many Move Tutor moves..Urgh!) So here's a solid Gen VI Trick Room Zong!

![enter image description here][1]

Bronzong @ Macho Brace
Trait: Levitate
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 SDef
Brave Nature (+Atk, -Spd)
-Trick Room
-Gyro Ball

· Gyro Ball is a necessity for this setup. It's STAB and with it's power boosted by the speed drop from the Macho Brace, it hits home! Very useful for stamping out all the new Fairy Type Pokemon! Here is the base power calculations:

Gyro Ball's power is calculated as such: 25 x (TargetSpeed) / (YourSpeed)
So, lets say your speed is 10 and theirs is 60 for simplicitys sake.
25 x 60 / 10 = 150. Ouch. (Max power)
But take off the Macho Brace:
25 x 60 / 20 = 75. Meh..

· You can also always switch out the Macho Brace for the popular Leftovers option for that ever useful health boost every turn. Try experimenting with the two items, as Bronzong is very versatile!

· The rest of the moveset is pretty straight forward: Trick Room for always moving first, Earthquake for Fire Repellent/cover, and Payback for taking advantage of slow speed, cover, and Ghost Repellent.
[1]: http://img.pokemondb.net/sprites/black-white/anim/normal/bronzong.gif

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[email protected] Coat

Trait: Heavy Metal
Stats: Hp 282
Sp.atk 198 atk 236
Sp.def 303 def 268

       Speed 95

Calm nature (+sp.def/-Atk)

Heavy slam
Iron defense/iron Head
Gyro ball
Trick Room