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Heaproof only reduces the super effectiveness of Fire moves on Bronzong, whereas Levitate gives a Ground immunity. Therefore, it seems Levitate is the superior option. But if there are any, what are the uses of Heatproof Bronzong?

What game are you playing? What do you want to do with this Bronzong? Do you want to battle other people, in-game trainers, or something else?

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Only in niche sets.

If your opponent is running a Sun team, or has more Fire types, then it would be useful once or twice to catch them off-guard. However, outside of that gimmick, it doesn't really give any real advantage over Levitate, since Ground type moves are more commonly used for coverage than Fire type moves, since more Pokemon can learn Earthquake than Flamethrower, the two most commonly used coverage moves of their type.

So in general, Bronzong would benefit more from Levitate than Heatproof, specially since you can run it in Rain teams which automatically cuts 50% of the damage received (making it 1x effective) while also benefiting other team members.

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I don't think Heatproof gives any advantages to Bronzong other than it cuts the weakness of one of the major enemy; fire. And levitate gives it total immunity to ground-type attacks!
Both sort of Bronzor/Bronzong has 3 weaknesses. But remember levitate Bronzong has two immunities!!

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They were asking what the advantages of heatproof bronzong were, not which one is better, or the differences between the two, which is already stated in the question.
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