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Dream Radar.

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WHAT DO YOU MEAN? I need them to get Landorus!!!!
alright computer wont let me answer but in BW there version exclusive roaming so transfer
in BW2 there is a 3ds app called pokemon dream radar.
no, you can't get landorus in white 2. The shrine doesn't bring landorus if you have the other two in white 2, only in white. You have to get them from the dream radar.
I don't have a 3DS, just the normal DS Lite. How do I get it on there?
Omfg. ==' Stop crying ''Help'' every two seconds, dammit. Go on your Nintendo 3DS / 3DS XL, go on EShop, and buy the damn thing with money! ==''''
Don't be a jerk, since when don't you not ask for help once in a while???!!!
Stuff like this always happened on pokemon. You have to buy another game... Or another console.