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i have to beat the league and I can't deside whom to pick for my team thundurus or tornadus?Help me!


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For the Black and White Elite 4, I would recommend Thundurus, mostly because of its higher special attack stat in Therian form. Since the Elite 4 in BW2 include the four types: dark, psychic, ghost, and fighting, I think this moveset would be decent:

  • Psychic (for fighting coverage)
  • Dark Pulse (for psychic/ghost coverage)
  • Hammer Arm/Brick Break (for dark coverage)
  • Volt Switch (or any STAB filler move really)

If you can, try to put it into therian form. If you can't, this moveset should still work. Hope I helped!

Good moveset, do you think you should use sky drop or fly for fighting coverage though as it is stab? (Your choice)
Personally for the Black and White 2 elite four I'd use fly, since it is stronger and Marshall doesn't have any moves to abuse the two turn move. Keep in mind I made this moveset with moves that you should be able to obtain in the game normally through TMs, level-up, or move tutor at the time before fighting the BW2 Elite Four the first time.
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If you are using the incarnate form, definitely use thunduras because you get an additional type that doesn't add any weaknesses and same stats. If you use therian form, I recommend using thunduras because it has better special attack, but if you want speed and defence too use tornados therrian form.