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and what are the Pokemon that can't learn it?

from each generation, or generaly ?
I am almost sure that tackle is the most common move.
tackle,pound ,scratch and er...growl, leer and tail whip? xD
agility ?
Rest maybe?
Not that many Pokemon learn Rest by levelling up, but every Pokemon can be TMed it, same with Toxic. My best guess is that Tackle is the most commonly learned move by levelling up, but I don't have the energy to add up the numbers.

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I checked against our database. Actually it's closer than you might expect. As of Black/White 2, these are the top 10 moves learnt by level up:

  • Tackle (171)
  • Leer (151)
  • Growl (111)
  • Take Down (89)
  • Bite (87)
  • Agility (85)
  • Quick Attack (84)
  • Crunch (82)
  • Slash (81)
  • Scary Face (80)
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I must have counted wrong...
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I am 99.9% positive that Tackle is the most learned level-up move, with a total of 171 Pokemon learning it.

Source: I searched quite a few level-up moves that are learned commonly, and I couldn't find any that even came close to Tackle.

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