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Except Signature moves.

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Maybe Rock Wrecker. Only 3 learn it. (Ryhperior/Crustle/Dwebble)

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I did research.

Two Pokemon:

  • Waterfall (Only Seaking and Goldeen)
  • Transform (Only Mew and Ditto)
  • Fly (Rayquaza and Salamence)
  • Tail Glow (Manaphy and Volbeat)

One Pokemon (The answer).

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thanks Flare
You're welcome as always LP :]
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I think its Transform. because moves that only can be learned by one Pokemon are signature move.


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But transform is one of the rarest moves that pokemon can learn by leveling up and i answered first
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Transform is ditto's signiature move and sawk's signiature move is karate chop not rock smash
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I did some research now the answer is

Grass knot Pansage
Rock smash Sawk
Volt switch Emolga
Frustation buneary
Return Lopunny

Hope it helps

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