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When ever I'm trading on the GTS (not neogations) I want a certain Pokemon (like Kurem,Zekrom,Reshiram, etc.) they want a Zekrom,Kurem,and Reshiram for level 9 and under.Why are they doing this?

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All they want to do is show off the Pokemon in the GTS since its impossible to get those Pokemon without hacking.

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There needs to be a system to put a stop to this, all they are doing is wasting space, that could be used elsewhere.
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like pokewatt said they just want to show off their Pokemon, but some people that go to gts negogations sometimes see a level 1reshiram, kyurem, or zekrom, and probably don't know that they have to be hacked to be at that level. Also negogations will tell the trainer "there is something wrong with the other trainer's Pokemon. This Pokemon can't be traded." That could cause a person try to trade a legendary at level 9 and under at gts (not negogations)

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