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Which generally functions better in OU, I feel like even if he swords dances, he still gets stopped by the genies and gengar...

And just in case youre gonna say "depends on your team", my team only has 1 priority user of suckerpunch fyi

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I would suggest techniloom because priority is really good some times, especially to kill those annoying hard to kill baton pass chain teams :D

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Technicion does. Because it has priority Mach Punch to abuse that can check many major threats in Ou such as Terrakion. It makes up for its crappy speed and is more practical for when you can't afford to sub or They wake up. Don't get me wrong Focus Punch is great but if you want to abuse the fact the opponent is sleeping use Low sweep along with mach punch and Bullet Seed as that decreases the speed making the kos easier.

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