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Usually protect only works one turn but would fail if you tried to use it the second turn.But in some occasional cases protect works two times in a row.What is the chance of that happening?


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The chances are...

First protect: 100%
Second protect: 50%
Third protect: 25%
Forth: 12.5%
Fifth: 6.25%

The chance of using Protect halves every turn.

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Prevents any move that targets the user from taking effect for the turn it is used in. Does not prevent passive damage such as sandstorm or poison. This attack has a 1/X chance of being successful, where X starts at 1 and doubles each time this move is successfully used. X resets to 1 if this attack fails or if the user's last used move is not Detect, Endure, Protect, Quick Guard, or Wide Guard. If X is 256 or more, this move has a 1/(2^32) chance of being successful. Fails if the user moves last this turn. This move has a priority of +4.


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Let's math:

Chance of 1st time: 100%
Chance of 2nd time: 50%

4/4 x 2/4 = 2/4