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So we all know that protect has a higher chance of failing the more times you use it. But what percent of it failing does it have each time you use it?

Bonus question :P: Say I use a pp max on protect. Will the chances of it failing at 1 pp be greater? If so, what's the percent of it failing?


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First protect: 100%
Second protect: 50%
Third protect: 25%
Forth: 12.5%
Fifth: 6.25%

To answer your second question...I don't really get what you mean. If you used up a turn using the PP Max, then it would not fail the next time you used Protect, because the chances of failing/working reset if you don't use it consecutively.

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Sorry, I edited, my original answer was wrong.
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First time is 100%. But when you use a move that isn't protect, protect will return to 100%. If you use it continuously this is the results:
First: 100%
second: 75%
third: 50%
fourth: 25%
fifth: 1%
the extra times you get with a PP max are 1% as well, so the chance of it falling isn't greater.

Thanks, Fizzcube. I don`t know why my answer didn`t do that in the first place.