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Do you mean Black 2 exclusive Pokemon or all the Pokemon in Black 2?

In any case:

Unova Pokedex
The Serebii Pokedex lists the Pokemon that are version exclusive as well, you just need to look at the Wild Location notes.

List of version exclusive Pokemon

Though, I should say that in your game, you can only get 1 starter (obviously), so if you want the other 2 starter Pokemon, you will have to trade for them.

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Oh, this excludes Pokemon you can get via Dream World; for a list of Dream World Pokemon, go here: http://www.serebii.net/blackwhite/dreamworldareas.shtml and click on the locations to see which Pokemon is available where. There are some Pokemon that are already available in Hidden Grottos in your game, some available in the wild, and some only by Dream World exclusive (unless you transfer from an older game).
Thanks Marzipan !i have a black and a black 2,so I have not prob !