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The Sacred Swordsmen
Coballion: Route 13
Level 45
After Elite Four: Level 65
Virizion: Route 11
Level 45
After Elite Four: Level 65
Terrakion: Route 22
Level 45
After Elite Four: Level 65

Latios & Latias
Latios: Dreamyard
Level 68
Latias: Dreamyard
Level 68

Zekrom & Reshiram
My answer on this question should explain everything. Plus also how to get White/Black Kyurem

Kyurem: Giant Chasm (After you have defeated Team Plasma)
Level 70

The Three Golems
Unlike previous games, you can catch all three Regis in one area. The difference is that you can only obtain Regirock at first, and you have to solve a puzzle which can only be discovered by visiting the area at day then at night. After obtaining Regirock, you will unlock the Steel Key in Black 2, and the Iceberg Key in White 2. You must activate the key via the Unova Link, and then you can obtain the respective Pokemon. You can obtain all 3 in one game if your friend shares the other key with you via Unova Link. All 3 are Lv. 65, further confirming that there is some villainous work going on keeping all these trio Pokemon at level 65.
Source: http://pokeds.com/guides/61

The Lake Guardians
Uxie: Nacrene Museum
Level 65
Mesprit: Celestial Tower
Level 65
Azelf: Route 23
Level 65

Cresselia, Heatran & Regigigas
Cresselia: Marvellous Bridge
Level 68 (Lunar Wing required)
Heatran: Reverse Mountain
Level 68
Regigigas: Twist Mountain
Level 68
http://Pokemondb.net/pokebase/82233/can-you-go-through-the-doors-in-the-strangers-house#a82240 Check my answer on how to get the Lunar Wing in the Stranger's Mansion in Yanaji Town.

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Kingdra the
Lake guardians don't appear just like that you need to got to the heart cave after the main game and three pixies wool shoot out and also you need to stand in a particular place to get it
I know. I put the link to the site I got all the info from. That explains it there.
Uh, you forgot the other forms of Tornadus, Thunderus, and Landorus. You get them with Dream Radar.
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I think this link should help you
There are even more legendaries than what Dex master said.Anddexmaster tornadus, thunderous and landorus cannot be caught in white and black 2.

hey you can catch landorus,thunderus,and tornadus in the dream world and you can catch uxi,mespirit,and azelf after youve been to the cave of being on the route between floccesy town and asperita