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If I gave my torterra the earth plate that will multiply it's earthquake's base power by 1.5 makeing it 150. But becuase of stab it gives it an aditiional 1.5 does that make it's base power 225. I did the math:)


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Powering-up items ALL boosts power by 20% (except Wise Glasses and Muscle Band which boosts by 10% and Life Orb by 30%)

Base power of Earthquake is 100, Torterra's Earthquake is 150 (STAB), holding Soft Sand or Earth Plate 180, holding Life Orb 195, Muscle Band 165.

0% of all are 0 power

25% of 100 is 25
150 is 37,5 (38?)
165 is 41,25 (42?)
180 is 45

50% of 100 is 50
150 is 75
165 is 82,5 (83?)
180 is 90

200% of 100 is 200
150 is 300
165 is 330
180 is 360

400% of 100 is 400
150 is 600
165 is 660
180 is 720
BTW, most powerful attack without counting stats is Blast Burn:
150 Blast Burn
1,5 STAB
1,5 Sunny Day
1,5 Blaze
1,3 Life Orb
2 Critical Hit
4 on Parasect
*1,25 by Parasect's Dry Skin
It's base power is 6581,25 (6582?)

What if you had the sniper ability on that critical hit? That's another x1.5 (i.e. x3 instead of x2).
EDIT: never mind, I missed that you already counted the Blaze ability, so Sniper wouldn't make a difference.
Yeah, but this is the strongest LEGIT way how to make HYPER-ULTRA-SUPER-GREAT---POKÉ attack. Though, on Bulbapedia (Shuckle's trivia) says, that he may do 213,896,052 damage total in a single attack (if I understood it well)
NO. The choice specs would be the strongest item. Instead of 1.3 it would be 1.5.
213,896,052 sounds like a huge number but that's taking massive stat changes into account - opponent defense lowered to min, user's attack raised to max, using level 100 shuckle against level 1 Ledyba...
Pkmstr: Protect would make it even BETTER:))
ohio: sweet, thx
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If super effective it will be 450 base power, and if it hits Macargo, it will be 900! like my Roserade held Poison barb and use Sludge Bomb...

Just imagine, Infernape held charcoal, use Sunny day, and then Overheat!
Or if blazeikin used it becuase blazeikin's S.attack is even better p.s. infernape stinks
Oh yeah, infernape has better attack...