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My team consists of:


Which provides better synergy?

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You people can advocate Moxmence all you want but Gyarados can single handedly annihilate teams with just 1 Dragon Dance, although 2 is preferred. While Gyarados is weak to electric, Breloom and Latios should be able to help with taking electric moves, and Gyarados is not weak to Ice, something that your team appears to have trouble with. Gyarados can take Fire moves for Breloom, Fighting moves aimed at Cloyster, and Ground and Water moves directed at Heatran.

Gyrados @ Leftovers/Water Gem
enter image description here
Trait: Moxie
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd
Jolly Nature (+Spd, -SAtk)
- Dragon Dance
- Waterfall
- Ice Fang
- Earthquake

Leftovers is perfectly viable but having Gyarados hold a Water Gem gives your first use of Waterfall a 50% boost, helping to get the intial KO needed to set the ball rolling for Moxie, allowing you to use the resulting attack boost to further your sweep and so on. Dragon Dance is essential for raising your Speed to adequate levels, and while 1 Dragon Dance is usually enough, if you are given the chance to set up another, take it. Waterfall is STAB and at +1 with a Water Gem boost you've got a high chance of going to +2, if you know what I mean. Ice Fang hits Dragon types and Earthquake covers steel types. Gyarados is not a sweeper to be underestimated, as it can relentlessly pulverize unprepared teams (And some that are), with relative ease. Just make sure you get at least 1 Dragon Dance up or you will usually be revenged.

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I noticed you said his team is weak to ice. This was probably before he edited and changed the team. I like the answer btw.
No, Latios and Breloom are weak to Ice, and with Salamence in there his team would be utterly destroyed by Mamoswine (Which Gyarados handles quite nicely, I might add).
Ok, that makes sense now. And since mamoswine is ground I guess his heatran would be KO'd if Mamo was faster.
Yep. Det ScarfSwine. And Weavile could give the team trouble too if it could manage to avoid Scizor, but Weavile can't do too much to Gyarados, while it beats the crud out of Salamence ;)
What if he were to do both? Latios has five weaknesses. why not switch it out with salamence AND put in Gyarados. I guess this doesn't work if your strategy requires latios. but this way you get two pokemon who only have one similarity(weakness to rock). you get two epic sweepers who cover a large variety of threats.
actually mine is ballooned so it'll have to pop before there's a threat
Hehe I'm using this set now and the only problem it has is that you're walled by Rotom-W although my one dragon dance and water gem took 75% health in one hit >:)
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Salamence for coverage or your team will be vulnerable to lightning with the exception of Breloom.

Plus Salamence has better overall stats.

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~ Dragon Dance
~ Outrage / Dragon Claw
~ Earthquake
~ Fire Blast / Hydro Pump / Flamethrower
252 Atk / 4 SpA / 252 Spe
Feast your eyes on one of the best Dragon Dance users in BW2 OU. With Dragon Dance, Moxie, and Outrage now legal on the same set, this already powerful set is now so powerful it's ridiculous. Outrage at +1 already hits everything that isn't a Steel-type hard, so how about a +2 Outrage, or even a +3 Outrage? Despite the sheer power behind Outrage, Dragon Claw is always a viable alternative in order to avoid being locked into your STAB move against a Steel-type. For covering said Steel-types, Earthquake is used for hitting Heatran and Jirachi, while Fire Blast is used in order to hit Skarmory, Forretress, and Ferrothorn. However, if Salamence is being used on a Rain team, Hydro Pump is an option to OHKO Gliscor after Stealth Rock; additionally, Hydro Pump still hits Skarmory and Forretress on their weak Special Defense.

Source: http://www.smogon.com/bw/pokemon/salamence

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first, site your source
second, this is early game sweeping with dragon claw and dance
Okay. I'll change it
I would choose outrage and flamethrower
Unless you want to have a mix between special and physical attacks then I would suggest fire fang over flamethrower (If your talking about Salamence) I dont think Gyarados can learn any fire move other than fire blast and flamethrower. Gyarados however has a measly 60 base power so giving him moves like flamethrower and hydro pump are wasted. I would suggest moves such as aqua tail (STAB) and there is no physical fire move for him to learn so something that gives him coverage. And other than your source, your answer is not clear on which pokemon you are suggesting.
To a physical set, Isn't better Fire Fang/Brick Break over Fire Blast/Hydro Pump/Flamethrower? Fire Fang and Brick Break can hit Steel-types that comes to sponge his STAB move.