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So I got a sheer force bagon from a trade and evolved it into a salamance but it had intimidate instead of moxie. and unless I'm mistaken sheer force is the dream world ability for bagon as moxie is for salamance.
What happened?


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Well lets see. When it evolved into shelgon, did it have the overcoat ability? It should have. At any rate, I have some hypotheses.
-glitch: sometimes the simple answer is the right one
-hacking: not on your part but on on the trader. A lot of people hack, using pokegen or similar methods, to obtain dreamworld Pokemon. These hacked Pokemon tend to have issues like this.
its not dream world: it never had a hidden ability in the first place. Your trader deceived you without you noticing

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thank you very much. but i have made sure it had the DW ability.
Oh ok.