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I've found a Bagon(F) in the Hidden Grotto from Pinwheel Forest...
But I want a Salamence with Dragon Dance and DD is a Egg Move!
If I Breed my Bagon with (For Example: A Altaria with DD) will a Bagon hatch with Sheer Force Ability?

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There will be a 60 % chance for the baby Bagon to have Sheer Force and 100 % for it to have DD.
Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Hidden_Abilities#Hidden_Abilities

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Glad to help, and congrats! I made some calcs on the rarity on Female Bagons in the Grottos and found out its about 1 in 90000 you find one, so congrats once again!
If you don't believe I can Send u a Photo!
I'm serious!
1 in 90000!