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So in ORAS, I wanted to try to get a sheer force Bagon. I am well aware of what the Dex Nav does, so I tried to search for it in that cave in Meteor Falls, but no matter what I do it won't show up. I tried going in the corners and doing the search, I tried going to both sides. Am I doing something wrong, or am I wasting my time?

You need to increase the chain in order to boost the HA odds by killing Bagons that you find via DexNav
The Search Level must be above 10 to get a HA Bagon.
No no. I've used the dex nav many times for HAs and stuff. The problem is I can't get Bagon to appear using the dex nav.
Bagon actually takes an eternity to show up. I believe it only shows up in that one little room so that alone is already a problem
So can I encounter it using the search feature on dex nav or no?
You can but it will take an eternity
Got a source?
Just all based on experience. I tried hunting down Bagons before and took me half an hour before the dexnav even located one

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Scroll down to where the guy enters Meteor Falls. The layout of the cave is identical to the layout in Gen 3. If you go to the one room where Bagon is, you can use the Dex Nav to find him there.

The hidden ability part may be a little tricky, as some Pokemon are harder to find their hidden abilities then others. If you do the chaining for long enough one should pop up