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Say... any Pokemon with sheer force(Blastoise for example) could I sucessfully use Hydro Cannon without the recharge? same with the other moves, and maybe moves like take down, head smash, explosion? Volt Switch/U-turn? would they all do more damage without the extra ability? And especially with life orb O.o


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These moves have primary effects that happen not secondary.
Sheer Force Boost moves that do damage and:
-Raise a users stat
-Lowers an opponents stat
-Applies a status Condition

It does not add boost to moves that:
-Take Recharging
-Switch out
-Faint the user
-Have Priority
-Lower the users stat

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Sheer_Force_(Ability)

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Its postive affects only hydro cannon would not get sheer force and will still take that one turn so any recoil kill self moves do not get bost and uturn or v switch still v swich out.