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Cloyster (F) @ Focus Sash
Trait: Skill Link
EVs: 252 Spd / 252 Atk / 4 HP
Jolly Nature
- Rapid Spin
- Shell Smash
- Rock Blast
- Icicle Spear

My cloyster is mixed with role, spinner and a shell smasher. It works well with my team with spinning but it can't really do much offensiveness because usually it just gets KO in the 2nd turn after the focus sash is used


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Alright first off why do you have a focus sash with rapid spin? Coming into rocks to spin but making your sash useless now...AND a weakness to rocks..not a good idea. Also, Pokemon who are weak to ice generally dont do its job the best with spinning. Here, Ill suggest this moveset for you

Cloyster-Focus sash
Ability:Skill link
-Icicle spear
-rock blast
-shell smash
-Hydro pump

Even though he boosts with shell smash, he still gets stopped by very defensive pokes especially steels if you have razor shell. Especially metagross since he doesnt get his defense lowered by razor shell due to clear body. And since you have a sash, the spdef drop in naughty nature wouldnt matter and besides his spdef is just too horrible to begin with so a decresing nature wont hinder it in anyway. So mixed cloyster with hydro pump is best for those physically bulky pokes. The only problem is priority moves so make sure to take care of them before cloyster attempts his sweeps. And make sure you have a different spinner (not him) so he can come in late game and not have his sash ruined.

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why not just give it white herb to get rid of the decreased stats?
because his spdef side is so frail the restored stats wont even matter, he gets KOed by the slighest special attacks anyway. And dont expect him to take too much physical hits either when the metagame is infested with hardcore physical sweepers and his hp is just too low too wall even though hes got an awesome defense. And besides, your set had focus sash so i sticked with focus sash for you
oh :oo that explains alot xD
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I actually run this exact set with my Cloyster (Every move stat and item) and I can tell you it works well to draw out any mach punchers/bullet punchers you want removed by another of your Pokemon. It also can sweep as long as there are no steel types in your midst. If you encounter a dragonite when you first send out your Cloyster, just icicle spear. They typically expect you to setup and will use extremespeed.

Post script: You should change Rapid spin for something like Razor shell, I do realise Rapid spin is just far too impractical for an ice type who is the real reason you need rapid spin.

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Yes that works well but Shell Smash and Rapid Spin is no good. Cloyster is sweeping not cleaning. So replace for Razor Shell or any other physical attack and your good.