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I'm planning on getting a physical Infernape for my team, but is Infernape a bad choice for the team? The other Pokemon on the team are:

Greninja (Might be a special sweeper)
Lucario (Mixed sweeper)
Altaria (Wall/Tank)

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Yes he is a horrible choice!

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Hmm, Infernape is a solid choice, lets go through the pros and cons:

-It adds Fire Coverage to your team
-It can learn Stealth Rock, something this team does not have yet.
-Reasonably fast, and hits pretty hard
-Some revenge-killing potential with Mach Punch

-Adds a ground weakness to your team
-It makes you slightly weaker to Swords Dance Talonflame as if it sets up it can spam Brave Bird to victory
-Gyarados is also quite a threat for this team if it sets up.(If it has Ice Fang)

I know the team is incomplete, but I'm just pointing out what I see with the team currently. Maybe you can add more teammates to counteract the threats I have mentioned.