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I can't defeat N's father and every time I get to his third Pokemon and it just takes out my Pokemon very fast. If any one can help me out if it is anserd or in the comments that would be helpful.

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which is his third?

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What level is your party? In BW, Ghetsis' Pokemon are at 52, so make sure you're a few levels above that. Confagrigus is really annoying with Toxic, so I suggest use a Steel Pokemon, a dark type Pokemon like Zoroark, or use Toxic yourself on Confagrigus.

Bouffalant - use a fighting Pokemon like Mienshao/ Scrafty and one STAB Hi-Jump Kick will sort it out. If you're cautious, add a Fighting Gem for a sure 1HKO.

Seismitoad - Grass move. Be careful of Sludge Bomb on a Grass type, and it will outspeed you with Rain Dance and swift swim. Roserade or Amoongus will be best because of the Grass/ Poison typing.

Bisharp - use your fighting type again; 3 out of 4 of its moves are x1/2 against a fighting type.

Hydreigon - use a bulky water type (if you got Oshawott as your starter, that will do nicely) with Ice Beam, or your Fighting type again.

Eelektross has no weaknesses, so use I would use your highest level Pokemon with its highest STAB move to deal with it. Eelektross is pretty frail, really.

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