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My friend has a Breloom with technician, it's moves are spore, Mach punch, bullet seed, and swords dance. He puts my Pokemon to sleep then uses swords dance than then Mach punches them. Mach punch always beat all my Pokemon with one attack. I even have a gardevor but he knocks her out with bullet seed. Please help!

Thats a pretty bad set for breloom tbh

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  • Talonflame as it outspeeds and OHKOes with Brave Bird or any half decent Flying attack
  • Any faster Flying Type with Flying STAB beats it basically
  • Sableye has access to Prankster + Taunt + Will-O-Wisp which shuts down Spore and Swords Dance and halves Breloom's attack
  • Grass types are immune to Spore, and Mega-Venusaur is an excellent counter since it resists all of Breloom's moves and can kill with Sludge Bomb
  • Pokemon with the abilities Vital Spirit and Insomnia prevent you from falling asleep
  • Pokemon with Overcoat are also immune to the effects of Spore. This makes Mandibuzz an excellent counter, as it has high defensive stats and access to Toxic, Whirlwind and Roost which stalls out Breloom and can force it out making it lose its boosts
  • Pokemon with Unaware ignore the effects of Swords Dance, but do note, the only viable option is Clefable as the other common Unaware user, Quagsire, is 4x weak to Grass (Swoobat is pretty much useless as an Unaware Pokemon).
  • Gengar pretty much sits on it, especially SubDisable variants which can block Spore or disable Bullet Seed, rendering Breloom useless until it switches out
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Thank you so much, I took your advice and beat my friends whole team. Thank you, thank you, thank you
Your friend only used brelooms?