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i hear he is a strong OU pokemon but he is so slow is how does he overcome this

Breloom is beast :D
Even though I'm a fifth gen fan, Virizion is no match for Breloom :P

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It's not easy to overcome, but you can have Poison Heal, which means you can use Breloom as a pokemon that will take 1-2 hits. To overcome the actual Speed stat, you have to max speed with Jolly.

Of-course, if you aren't getting Poison Heal as your ability, you can give it Choice Scarf, and this can't work that well, because Breloom's move poll is Spore - Focus Punch.

In my Breloom moveset, I invest some EVs in HP, so I would be able to take more than a hit.

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I used to use a Breloom while playing on PO. When I used Breloom, my moveset was Drain Punch, Mach Punch, Bullet Seed, and Spore (although I did hear that Spore was uber). Since it was PO, I had Breloom get the ability Technician, which powers up moves with a base power of 60 or less. It held a Metronome. With maxed out speed and attack and a Jolly nature, it outsped most pokemon. You could also take some off attack and invest in HP for more hits.

If they hit first, Drain Punch would regain the lost health. Remaining HP could be picked off with Mach Punch.

Bullet Seed is Grass Type physical attack. That means it gets STAB, multiple hits, Technician power up, and if used twice in a row (on two turns in a row) it gets a boost from the Metronome. Same thing goes for Drain Punch and Mach Punch.

You can also switch in and use Mach Punch for revenge killing.

Breloom is a great pokemon, it's one of my favorite. If you don't have Technician, then i would suggest Poison heal and a Toxic orb instead, and Seed Bomb instead of Bullet Seed.

Update: Spore is actually NOT uber, my friend was just lying to make me get rid of it .... Still made at my friend.