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How many Sun Stones are available in Pokemon White (1)? And where are they found?

I have only one so far but I need at least 2. I tried looking it up and I had heard Relic Cave and Nimbassa City. I can't remember where I got mine, but I think it was Nimbassa City and when I looked at Relic Cave's information it says that the Sun stone is found there in White 2, not White 1.

So I just wanted to confirm how many can be found in White 1 and their exact locations, not just general locations.


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Unlimited, as you can find them inside of of Dusk Clouds, just head to any cave and you can run around until you find the required stones.

For specific locations, you can get one at Nimbasa City, in the house above the Pokemon Center. Another can be found inside of Relic Castle, Here is a video showing where.

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Thank you!