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There is no official PC version, it is DS-only. However, there are ROMs of the Japanese version that have been leaked and are available out there.

Remember that these are ILLEGAL copies and you download them at your own risk. Hacking sites can often contain viruses as well.

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I'd be more worried about the virus than them being illegal.
Yeah, who would find out that you're using illegal stuff? my laptop's the one I'm concerned about. besides, I download a bunch of dvds illegally like twice a week ;)
For years I downloaded illegal roms onto my labtop ( I always loved some of the older games that you couldn't find in stores anymore :/
And I very rarely would get viruses from it, but of course I normally knew the sites to avoid....
Although I also had spyware tracking my laptop for several weeks.... watch out for that.
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I believe not. It recently came out, and if it is it is in japanese.

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I got confused at the "if it" part lol ;)
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I've seen forum posts in certain Romhacking forums with AP Patches for Pokemon Black & White. This is obvious proof that the ROM has been leaked.

However, as UDF has said, it's likely in Japanese. You'll need a Translation Patch, which I doubt is available yet.

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Yes, they are! they already added in many website, but of course it's in japanese! trust me, you can download it, but you couldn't play it cause the nintendo anti piracy. you will need a good emulator, english patch, exp patch, AR code for anti freeze, fast computer, and patience! it's hard to play it...

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