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So a couple of weeks ago I wanted to try out random matchup to see what it was like, having never done so before. Without realising it, I hadn't changed parties from the Pokemon I had been breeding to my lv100 competetive team. I quit the match early, unaware of the one hour penalty that is in place to stop rage quitters, and obviously found out the hard way that quitting random matchups is bad.

Anyway, it has been at least three weeks since doing this, yet whenever I try to play random matchup or sign up to the current tournament I get the one hour penalty message.

I've been trying to sign up every few hours or so for four days now and still get the same message.

Oh, and just to clarify, I have two DSes and occasionaly swap my game carts between them if I want to transfer over Pokemon from 4th gen since my other DS's touchscreen doesn't work very well, but the last time I did this was weeks and weeks ago.

I am also able to access Game Sync with no problems. Also my Pokemon are legit and not banned in random matchups. It has nothing to do with my Pokemon. The copy of White 2 that I own is also definitely legitimate.

EDIT: I have tried leaving the game on with the DS open for over an hour just now and I am still getting the same message when I try to enter random matchups.

I've tried searching around for people with the same problem as me but have come up with nothing. Any ideas why I'm still getting this message? :/

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Any other suggestions? I left White 2 turned on overnight and I am still unable to access random matchup. Going to be so bummed out if this is a bug :/ ALL of my Pokemon are on White 2, it's going to take forever transfering 600+ of them to another cartrige that isn't bugged.. plus I lent my old DS to a friend and I feel mean tearing it off him >_<
You can use infra red

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You have to keep the cartridge in the game to count the hours. If you take it out it's useless.

Update: I have left my game turned on with the DS open for over an hour and I am still unable to enter random matchup. Still getting the 1 hour penalty message.
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Ok try turning your DS off and leaving it on the charger. Make sure you haven't messed with the DS's Clock or Calendar because then you will have to wait longer. Keep it on the charger for an hour and see if that works.

Hoped I helped

Already tried that; doesn't work. Thanks though.