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I'm wondering which is more useful.

Wonder Skin allows you to Baton Pass and stat boost without having to worry as much about Taunt. And Roar/Whirlwind will also be less likely to hit Venomoth. However, the Pokemon Venomoth passes to can still be hit by Roar/Whirlwind, and it doesn't block Dragon Tail/Circle Throw. Thunder Wave/Glare are also less effective. Wonder Skin also only makes these move have a 50% chance, not a 0% chance. So with luck, these moves can still get Venomoth.

Tinted Lens allows Venomoth to make good use of its Quiver Dances, and since Venomoth can run Wonder Skin, your opponent might not use Taunt, Roar, Whirlwind, Thunder Wave, or Glare on you anyways. At least not until your opponent uses a damage calculator. This helps for when it is not safe to pass, or can be used to catch a foe off-guard.


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I would go for Tinted Lens.

  • Venomoth has horrible bulk... base 90 SAtk is decent, at least.
  • In UU, Venomoth won't really be worrying about Taunt.
  • As you said, fifty percent is still worrying... especially with hax.
  • Burns or poison don't mean much to Venomoth anyhow
  • Venomoth has Sleep Powder to cripple, so it can get great coverage with STAB Bug Buzz
  • If worst comes to worst, there's always Mental Herb
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I think Tinted Lens is the better option on Venomoth. Wonder Skin is not guaranteed to work (unlike Magic Bounce). If you're using Quiver Dance/ Baton Pass, you should go for Tinted Lens, since it can just rely on Bug Buzz to do damage and take up the other move slot with a support move.

Ability: Tinted Lens
Item: Black Sludge
EVs: 252 HP, 252 Speed, 4 Sp. Atk
Nature: Timid
~ Baton Pass
~ Quiver Dance
~ Roost/ Sleep Powder
~ Bug Buzz

If a fire type switches in, hopefully you've already had a few Quiver Dances set up so you can Baton Pass out.