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So a Yanmega uses Bug Buzz on a Skarmory who 4x resists Bug. Will it Tinted Lens be counted twice(from Steel and Flying resisting Bug Moves) or once?

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Gligar doesn't 4x resist...
i thought ground resisted but for some reason :3

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Well, I used a 0 SAtk Tinted Lens Yanmega on Showdown with LeBoss.

  • When Yanmega spammed Bug Buzz on a Skarmory, it did about 25%.
  • When Yanmega spammed Bug Buzz on a Skarmory that just Roosted, it did about 50%.

So Tinted Lens does not quadruple the power, it just doubles the power.

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It would be half resistant because it doubles power for not very effective moves
source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Tinted_Lens