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I am planning to use a Delcatty with it’s hidden ability. I would like a list of ALL status moves that get the 50% percent accuracy chance to hit. I am unsure if it’s ALL status moves that are affected, si if it that way, then could you just confirm? Also, don’t post any comments about not using Delcatty, because I know it’s bad. Thats why I’m using it. Thanks!

all the moves that are on this list and have accuracy https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Status_move
- I know it's bad. That's why i'm using it. ~TheDarkSamurott

Also: Wonder Skin halves the accuracy of all status moves targeted at the ability-bearer. (Pokemondb) I guess that means that it implies on every Status move. For example: a Status move with 100% accuracy and you use that move, you would get 50% accuracy.
Ok so then a move like Toxic with 90% accuracy would hit 40 percent of the time?
It gets reduced TO 50%, so any accuracy between 55% and 100% gets set to 50%. I think other accuracy modifiers apply after wonder skin.
Ah ok, thanks!

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Wonder skin should affect all moves on this list and have accuracy.