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Would wonder skin keep damage from recoil, confusion, sandstorm/hail, items (rocky helmet, sticky barb, etc...), abilities (rough skin, iron barbs), and poison/burn away?

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You want to know what your Sigilyph's ability does, I'm guessing? You're talking Magic Guard, my friend; Magic Guard does exactly that.

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Wonder Skin lowers the chance of status moves hitting by 50%.

e.g. Venomoth with Wonder Skin is against a Rotom who used Thunder-wave. Thunder-wave will have 50% chance of hitting Venomoth instead of 100%. The same goes for any status moves aimed at Venomoth.

So to directly answer your question: NO.


If you are referring to Magic Guard like Legacy Lucario said then yes. Though he does get recoil from Struggle.


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oops yeah thats what i meant. I was looking at a sigilyph and that is both of its abilities.
Sorry to spam if it is but....Hey pokemaster why did you get rid of the sigilyph pic? Sigilyph looks epic. And venomoth/rotom?
A little update for readers currently reading this.....I've changed my name to Killer Lucario, I'm no longer Legacy.