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In battle?
In battle and not in battle

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For a Pokemon to have the maximum in a stat, it must have:

  • 31 IVs in that stat.
  • 252 EVs in that stat.
  • A positive Nature in that stat. (stats other than HP only)
  • On the +6 stage of the stat due to stat modifying moves like Swords Dance. (In-battle only, stats other than HP only)
  • Holding an item that boosts the desired stat. The item that boosts it the most variates in many cases. (only effected in battle)
  • The Pokemon is level 100. (credit to MiniNinetales)

All of the above works for your Pokemon's offensive stats.

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And lv100
There are existing 'max' stats for levels below 100, but I'll add that in. Thanks.