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If my Steelix have max Evs on Attack with 0 Ivs with Brave nature, choice banded and +6 attack and -6 speed against a Deoxys-S with choice scarf max Evs and Ivs on Speed and a Timid nature with +6 Speed

so briefly :

Steelix : 252 Evs Atk, 0 Ivs Spe, Brave nature, Choice band, +6 Atk, -6 Speed

Deoxys-S : 252 Spe, 31 Ivs Spe, Timid, Choice scarf, +6 Speed

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Itll OHKO fo sure
The nature and item isnt even necessary since it already has high speed difference
nah i already knew that it'd be an OHKO i just asked for fun xD

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Gyro Ball has a base power of 150 for this attack
The attacking Pokemon's speed has been calculated as 14 and the defending Pokemon's speed as 2016
Steelix's Choice Band boosted its Attack with a 1.5× multiplier
Steelix gets the Same Type Attack Bonus (STAB) for Gyro Ball

Regular damage when deoxys have 31def IV
Min 1317
Ave. 1426
Max 1551

Regular damage when deoxys have 0def IV
Min 1537
Ave. 1665
Max 1810

Guaranteed OHKO


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Steelix's Speed is 14.
Deoxys-S' Speed is 3,024.


Assuming Deoxys has no EVs, IVs or effecting Natures on its HP and Defence, the below formula gives your answer.

Choice Band +6 Steelix (+Atk) Gyro Ball vs 0HP/0Def Deoxys (Neutral): 731% - 861% (1537 - 1810 HP). Guaranteed OHKO.


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Strange how I got a bit different answer
I'm not really a math whiz, so I might have made a mistake. I'll check using Psypoke's calculator.
Oh I did 31 iv on def
Though we also have spd difference, that wont matter to the calculation
I got the same answer as you when I did 0 def Iv
Just realized I had a mistake on my speed, it's 14.
Also, did your calculation include Deoxys-S' 1.5 Speed increase? It's holding the Choice Scarf.
I dont think choice scarf raise the speed here
Also, I said that wont matter since it already reached base 150 power
Your calculation is correct, but you did with 0def IV
I did with 31def IV
Calculating the 1.5x boost with the Choice Scarf is how I got 3,024. And though it wouldn't make a difference Derpalot still asked for the data.
He asked for the damge, and we already have reached the limit,150BP, by far,
So it wont make any difference in damage
I know it won't make a difference. But though it won't make a difference, I included Choice Scarf since Derpalot had described Deoxys-S as holding one in the question.
Now Im curious if choice scarf actually raise pokemon's actaul spd stat
Of course it DOES... But...
.. ....