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Can someone give me a list of what iv's make it what type and what power.

i am trying to breed eevee so I can have a jolteon that knows hidden power ice to cover all it's weaknesses


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Well I could give you an answer but you can't control exactly what IVs you get, so you won't be able to do what you want.

You just need to keep breeding and hatching all the eggs until you find one with the right Hidden Power. You can check the type by talking to the guy at the game corner prize building.

Hidden Power's type and power is decided when Pokémon is hatched/catched?? COOL
No, I believe it is when the egg is actually obtained. So you could save before getting the egg and reset like that.
However, it's probably easier to get several eggs at once because it's quicker. Once they've all hatched you can go and check the eevees together.
Yeah, thats what I meant;))