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I was collecting Seal and Penguin Pokemon in White 2 and caught a Pokemon called "Seel" and I need a Penguin Pokemon to officially complete my mission.

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[Piplup][1] and it's evolution tree are the only known Pokemon based off of Penguins.

Then you have Delibird, but it's... Delibird..
[1]: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Piplup_(Pokémon)

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Thanks for the help! I'm going to try and catch a Delibird and then we're gonna blow the roof off of the Pokemon League!!!
No. Delibird won't blow any tops, except your head when you're going to facedesk at how mediocre it is. Seriously.
Dude are you really gonna use delibird.....go for empoleon
i have tears in my eyes from those comments! i'm literally crying from laughter. i haven't laughed like that in AGES.
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Yes there is, Delibird. It can be caught at the Giant Chasm. Other penguin-like Pokemon are Empoleon, Piplup, and Prinplup.

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Piplup is probably the Pokemon that most closely resembles a Penguin; it's not obtainable in White 2, so you need to trade.

Coincidentally, there's a Pokemon called Spheal that looks like a seal (surprise) too, but is only obtainable in the game during winter.

EDIT: with regards to Delibird... I always felt it was a just a random Santa bird.

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lol, 'Santa Bird'. that's so FUNNY! really, i was crying from laughing.
No its not. its actually a random "santas helper bird"
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Unfortunately, no are no Pokemon that look like penguins in Gen V. The closest ones I can give you is the Piplup family, which you can transfer from a Gen IV game, more specifically, DIamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

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Dont forget delibird