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I have done research but I couldn't find one. But is there one? And if there is, where are they
located? I haven't discovered it on my pokedex and I dont feel like waiting until it is winter
in white 2.

I have one I could trade you!
i idvise you to set your ds calender to winter and then youl be able to catch one easly
I have one, lvl 100 it is fully EV trained and the IV's are good (checked with the battle subway guy).

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The only one is from ace trainer Santino who is in humilau city gym so if you've battle the gym already youre kind of out of luck. But what you could do to make it winter you could change your DS's date to april, august, or december and get one or its pre-evolutions from undella bay.
Sources: http://www.serebii.net/black2white2/unovadex.shtml

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